Why an online booking tool and a behind-the-scenes expert are a winning combination

Plus the options and benefits of each, simplified by Elite Travel Management.

Managing a corporate travel program on your own can be a costly endeavour, both in time and money. From reconciling various receipts or folios, to keeping track of those booking outside of your travel policy, we can understand why you’d want more time for the other tasks on your plate. As the saying goes: Work smarter, not harder!

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to say that you’re curious about consolidating your travel to one central place. After a few internet searches, you might also be asking yourself “How do we incorporate an online booking tool for our company?”

The benefits of an Online Booking Tool (often referred to as an OBT)

Facilitates simple itineraries

Does your company travel point-to-point? Primarily domestic and/or transborder? If so, an Online Booking Tool could be a great fit as this technology works optimally with what we would consider simple travel.

To go one step further, Elite Travel Management programs your preferred airlines and fare into the Online Booking Tool’s portal. This means that when your team is booking their flights, only routes that meet those requirements will appear. It also removes the need for things like following up with Jane on why she booked a Business Class ticket with ABC Airline.

Provides booking flexibility 

Do you have one or multiple individuals who currently book travel on behalf of your employees? Maybe everyone books their own travel as necessary. In both cases, an Online Booking Tool will complement your current processes nicely by continuing to give your staff a direct hand in reserving their travel.

We understand that many industries require travel plans to be made outside of the regular 9 a.m. to 5  p.m. window. An Online Booking Tool solution allows for trips to be booked 24/7 with no additional costs when reserving after-hours via app or desktop.

Allows streamlined approval 

Many organizations work into their travel policies that employees require manager approval for all trips. Often, this can result in emails lost in the shuffle or delayed responses, which leaves the manager asking, “Who sent Jane to Singapore?”

This painstaking process can be eliminated with the use of an Online Booking Tool. The platform automatically sends an approval request to the appropriate manager when an employee submits a tentative booking. Before this reservation can be completed, the designated approver must sign off. No more accidental trips to Southeast Asia for Jane!

The benefits of agent assisted offline bookings 

Facilitates complex itineraries

A complex itinerary constitutes anything that includes an international segment, multiple connections, or the changing of carriers. All of these factors amount to a more involved booking process, which can be simplified with a call or email to one of Elite’s Travel Associates.

From the benefits of using creative ticketing techniques that lower the overall ticket cost and processing exchanges, to assessing international cancellation penalties and restrictions, leaning on a expert is worthwhile!

Allows for VIP/high touch travel

Your CEO can only travel to Boston if they can be booked in a waterfront, King Suite at the Boston Harbor Hotel. When you click to reserve, it says they no longer have any rooms available for Friday. What do you do now?

Special requests such as the one above is where our Travel Associates truly shine. With a reservation system that is loaded with thousands of industry-negotiated rates and numerous brand-specific connections, a roadblock such as a sold-out hotel can be navigated rather swiftly. The same can be said for all other corners of the travel industry, whether it is a certain seat on a flight to Tokyo or car service in Austin, TX. The knowledge and human connection of an experienced Travel Associate simply cannot be beat!

Simplifies rotational travel 

Coordinating travel to a destination for 10 people can sometimes be a challenge, but what about 50-100 people who are on a constant work rotation? To even the most seasoned travel coordinator this can increase stress levels. Enter your trusted Travel Management Company.

The resources we have at our fingertips can take any mountain and make it into a mole hill! We have a direct connection to the inventory of every airline – even those that are region specific. So, you don’t have to worry about booking the first 15 members of your crew just to discover the rest of the flight is sold out. Elite’s Travel Associate will be able to proactively monitor the number of seats left on an aircraft and adjust where necessary!

While getting there can be half the battle, you also must consider staying there. Having a Travel Associate negotiate your group booking rates and organize payment prior to employees arriving will not only save you money, but countless hours in your day!

Our number one recommendation?

Get the best of both worlds, customized to your needs.

Empower yourself with the combination of an effective Online Booking Tool and a trusted Travel Associate. While this will (and should) look different from one company to the next based on unique needs, it ultimately equips you to handle any type of travel requirement and scenario – at any time.

Contact us to discuss the needs of your organization today – no strings attached!

We at Elite Travel Management understand that no two travel programs are alike, and we develop solutions on an individual basis. Our #AskUsAnything program encourages all travellers to lean on Elite Travel Management as their trusted travel resource.

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