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Airline Credits. When will they Expire? Can I get a Refund? What do I do?

Over the past two years nearly everyone has had some sort of plan affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Restrictions have come and gone and then returned again, leaving us all uncertain of when we should look at rescheduling our delayed travels.  In general, airline credits expire 1 year from the date of purchase – not

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Saving money on business travel: Is there a better way? Where do I start?

6 actionable strategies from your Cost Savings Experts at Elite Travel Management. Do we really need to spend this much on travel? You’re not alone in wondering. Oftentimes, business travel is one of the top three line items against a company’s bottom line, so it’s a valid area to focus on. Why has your company

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What’s caused the rental car shortage? Can I still rent a vehicle?

Let us start off by saying yes, you can certainly still rent vehicles – ground transportation is just experiencing it’s own challenges at the moment. No different than any other part of our industry, or the rest of the world for that matter.As with anything in life, you have to ask yourself why? Unfortunately there’s

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Why are so many flights being cancelled? What can I do?

Labor shortages, specifically pilots and airport staff (baggage handlers and security). These positions are obviously crucial, and when executed perfectly they go unnoticed, but their lack of presence is certainly being felt by all right now. While these areas are actively hiring, in the case of pilots, this isn’t an immediate fix. Largely due to

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Why do airlines have such long hold times? How can I avoid them?

Most of us have had to call a major airline recent enough to remember the sinking feeling when we hear the hold time from the robotic voice on the other end. You sigh, put your phone on speaker or pop in your headphones and just accept it OR you hang up in frustration. Both are

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Why is the Cost of Travel Rising? How Can I Avoid Paying More?

At this point we’ve all went to price out an upcoming trip only to find the number on the screen is a lot bigger than we were expecting. You might be thinking: “But my trip last year was half the price!” or “I’ve stayed at that hotel dozens of times, it’s never cost that much.”

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Why an online booking tool and a behind-the-scenes expert are a winning combination

Plus the options and benefits of each, simplified by Elite Travel Management. Managing a corporate travel program on your own can be a costly endeavour, both in time and money. From reconciling various receipts or folios, to keeping track of those booking outside of your travel policy, we can understand why you’d want more time

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Are RFPs the best method for evaluating Travel Management Companies?

Key questions and considerations from your industry leaders at Elite Travel Management. Evaluating company RFPs to explore or select a new Travel Management Company (TMC) can be a very intensive and expensive process. In many cases, an organization with a preferred partner will do so to determine who else is out there and if they’re

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What is Duty of Care? Why is it crucial to your company travel program?

8 essential tips from your Duty of Care Experts at Elite Travel Management. Now more than ever, business travellers will depend on their employer to determine when and if it is safe to travel. Employers have a significant level of responsibility to ensure the well being of their travellers before, during, and after business trips.

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